Finnish Fibreboard
Finnish Fibreboard Ltd.

Finnish Fibreboard produces and markets a wide range of LION hardboard products, the main end uses for which are the building, door and furniture industries. The Heinola mill has an annual production capacity of 63,000 m3.

Finnish Fibreboard Ltd. was established in 1984 when the then Enso-Gutzeit Oy and A.Ahlström Oy merged their fibreboard operations to form a jointly owned company. In 1998 the company's management bought 83 % of the company's share through an MBO. UPM-Kymmene Oyj retained a shareholding of 17 %. In 2009, Versowood become a shareholder with a 19.5 %  ownership interest. The company's management still hold 66 % and UPM-Kymmene Oyj hods 14.4 % of the stock. Turnover during the 2000s has fluctuated between EUR 24 to 34 million. Finland accounts for about 40 % of sales with the balance of 60 % accounted for by exports.

Tradition of quality

Hardboard  has been produced in Finland since 1931. Over the years, the production techniques, products and end uses have changed considerably, but the basic principles of hardboard have remained the same. As hardboard is produced from the by-products of other wood processing industries with virtually no additives, the product retains, or even improves the properties of the raw materials. LION products are clean and safe, are easy to work and are strong.

Purely from wood

The environmental friendliness of the production process has been continuously improved since the company was founded. Locally sourced bio-fuel (wood) is used to generate the heat needed for production and the painting line (capacity approx 10 million m2 p.a.) was changed at the start of 2000 to use water based paints.

There has been a process of continuous reduction in the levels of waste water effluents. This culminated in the decision in 2003 to invest in an evaporation plant as the final part of the waste water treatment system. The final process residue is burnt at the power generation plant.

At your service

LION boards are produced and sold by 130 dedicated professionals. Our commitmpent to improving the quality of the product and customer service,has made  LION a well known and trusted brand. Proof of this isseen in the long-term relationships with industrial end users and builders merchants.