Finnish Fibreboard
Building Boards

LION boards are suitable for almost all building requirements. Made from natural woodfibre, they constitute entirely their own section of building boards. Walls made of LION boards are typically warm to the touch, allow buildings to ’breathe’ and help to create healthy living conditions.

LION Premium is a standard quality hardboard with a smooth face and a mesh pattern reverse, mainly used for building work, packing industry, DIY, temporary structures.

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LION Oil tempered hardboard is impregnated with special oil which is polymerised by heat treatment during the manufacturing process. Treatment makes it more moisture resistant.

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Lion –Farm board has been developed for the demanding conditions of farm buildings.  It is hard wearing and easy to look after, and can be used, for example, for internal ceiling linings in dairies.

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Packing board is dense hardboard made from wood fibres.  Particularly suitable for various protection applications.

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Did you know? LION hardboards are great for many use!

LION hardboard is manufactured entirely from wood without potentially harmful glue or chemical additives. There are many possible uses for LION boards, in addition to traditional furniture and building applications.

A wide range of products and thicknesses makes many end uses possible.
Examples of LION hardboard applications are :

  • packaging
  • shopfitting and displays
  • toys, jig-saw puzzles
  • chalk boards and wipe clean boards
  • advertising signs
  • automotive industry
  • DIY applications

Technical information

Download LION Boards brochures in PDF format:

Technical properties

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